To find a true path, you’ve to go get lost in the wrong path again and again.

4 min readJul 10, 2023

We are explorers from the nature of the universe, no matter whether that is conscious or unconscious, we’ve been exploring and navigating the ways of our life from the age we started to recognize the world. Everyone starts with sweet desires in their life, and they work, but as we go, the universe begins to throw us the obstacles in life, there are two types of people here, one who completely shuts down the obstacles, and is on their desired path in a shortcut form. and the others who want to be on their desired path by being patient and persisting through the obstacles.

The rules of the universe, we keep getting lost again and again, to explore ourselves, we get on the wrong path, but the saddest part is, most of the make them unconscious enough that they assume it’s the right path for them. Most of them settle themselves on the wrong path and with the wrong people.

We often find ourselves stumbling with the wrong person again and again, the wrong friends who ended up using us. The wrong leader, which they keep using us. Get attached to the wrong person who uses our innocence and honesty for that to rob us. We become vulnerable with the wrong person that they use us for innocence for their desired goals. Thus most of us scared to move on because it’s not we are afraid of change but it’s we are afraid of being on the wrong path again. But to find the true path, you’ve to move on and find a new path until you get on the right path.

The person who courage themselves to move on and explore their right path, no matter how many times you be on the wrong path will find the right eventually. All we need is a little courage in life to move on, and brave enough to deal and face with wrong people.

When we get on the wrong path we get to know the value of the right path.

Imagine you’re walking to a destination, you don’t know the right path to go there. The fact of life is there’s any medium like Google Maps that helps you save from wrong directions. Now you’re on your own to reach that destination, you have to go out and try different paths. You get lost, you reflect, you take help from someone. You have moved on explored and went to several wrong streets. When you went to enough wrong streets now your brain has already understood the pattern and recognizes the wrong paths. And it’s just a matter of time before you will…