The duty of the creator is to create no matter if it’s good or bad.

2 min readJun 30, 2023

We all exist in a world full of mysteries. This world, like the universe itself, is a place of continuous creation and destruction. Although the universe is an expansive subject, it can inspire us to stay dedicated to our efforts. Our mission on Earth is to exist, grow, and create.

Creation itself requires you to become good at multiple things, you need to master certain aspects of life,

  • it requires your mind to be free from disturbance
  • it requires your mind to be calm
  • it requires your mind to be curious
  • it requires your mind to be obsessed with failures
  • it requires you to be productive
  • it requires you to go through one thing again and again
  • it requires you to think deeply
  • it requires you to learn new things consistently

Before creating something, you need to shape your mind.

No matter whether you’re creating a scientific paper, a discovery, a book, art, or content or something.

Becoming a great creator requires great consistency in the creation itself, the creation phase is repeated, this is the nature of creation, you’ve to create continuously to discover something or make something great.

The only person who is willing to dedicate themselves to their creation is the ones who discover more…