Practice not to earn money but to experience becoming, to experience the journey.

5 min readJun 29, 2023

In our modern society, the importance of money cannot be overstated. It plays a central role in our lives, shaping our livelihoods and influencing our daily interactions. Many of us act as service providers, exchanging our skills and expertise for financial compensation. This system of trade has become the lifeblood of our society, primarily because it encourages people to cultivate talents and abilities that can subsequently generate income. The complexity of today’s world means that there are countless skills one can master to contribute to society and, in return, earn money. Thus, many people devote their lives to honing a specific set of skills, no matter what they may be, in pursuit of financial stability.

However, when we delve deeper into the concept of money, we find it may not be the ideal end goal. If money is your sole destination, you might find it a challenging journey. The value of money is subjective and mutable. While it’s undeniable that everyone cares about money to some degree, it shouldn’t be the primary driver propelling you toward personal and professional growth.

Consider this: you aspire to be a world-class (animator, writer, or even doctor), with the primary aim of earning money from your skills. In your pursuit, a paid task comes your way just a year into…