Minimalism is the key to winning in the business.

4 min readJul 5, 2023

It takes years of iterations to get something minimal. The years of iterations are not just about iterating for years, it’s about the perseverance in building that product. The survival of a product or an idea in a crowded market often depends on its ability to become more efficient, more streamlined, and yes, more minimal.

  • minimalism is complicated
  • minimalism takes a lot of iterations.
  • minimalism takes years of practice.
  • minimalism differentiates your product.
  • minimalism is the key to outstanding.

Minimalism is not about having less or doing less; it’s about stripping away the unnecessary and highlighting what’s truly important. It’s about generating the same output or giving the same experience with fewer requirements. In a world filled with noise and clutter, minimalism can be a breath of fresh air. It helps to clear away distractions and allows the essential qualities of a product or idea to shine.

  • In design, using fewer elements to deliver the same message.
  • In products, using fewer features, to solve the same problems.
  • In health, using fewer exercises, to gain the same results.

It requires a deep understanding of the subject at hand, the ability to critically analyze what is necessary and what is not, and the boldness to eliminate the unnecessary. This is not unlike the Feynman Technique, which suggests that a true understanding of a concept is when you can explain it in simple, accessible terms.

However, minimalism is not just about simplicity. It’s also about intentionality, functionality, and clarity. A minimalist design is not just simple, it is purposefully simple. It serves a purpose, it communicates a message, and it does so in the most efficient way possible.

It’s a continuous process of refinement and iteration. But when achieved, it can result in products, designs, or ideas that are elegant, efficient, and impactful.

Minimalism, whether applied in design, lifestyle, or business, is not about scarcity or deprivation. It’s about focusing on what truly matters and eliminating excess.