Amidst the sea of new waves and passing ships, be the lighthouse that guides the way.

3 min readJul 7, 2023

Being a lighthouse that guides a way, is a reminder that we should always strive to be a source of stability and guidance in the midst of change.

Just as a lighthouse provides a beacon of hope for ships lost at sea, we can be a source of hope and inspiration for others who are feeling lost or uncertain.

Life is a vast sea, and we’re all sailors navigating its currents. At times, the path might be clear, and we can move forward confidently. But at other times, we may feel lost and unsure of our direction.

Learning and growing often come from these moments of uncertainty. As we accumulate experiences and knowledge, we use our compass to guide our journey. We are constantly looking for directions in life when we become directionless, and our compass cannot comprehend the navigation.

We, humans, are able to survive because our ancestors passed their knowledge to us, that could be the knowledge of survival, knowledge of making well-being, knowledge of being a better human being.

But as we evolved and grew in billions of numbers and still growing. There are billions of individual simulations running, and each character has different experiences and takes on their life.

Amongst, the game of survival, and living to the fullest, some of them are able to figure out that easily while others remain poor for their whole life. There are always multiple ways people cannot make their living.

In the journey of life, it is our responsibility to embrace the legacy bestowed upon us and carry it forward. We must strive to become beacons of light for others who are in need, just as our ancestors did for us.

By sharing our knowledge and experience, we can uplift those around us and help them navigate their own paths. Whether it’s imparting survival skills, promoting well-being, or cultivating inner strength, each act of guidance contributes to the collective growth of humanity.

The missteps of humanity guiding to the wrong path.

While navigating a path of the ocean, some guide a dark side of the ocean leading them to a wrong path of a human being. The path to wealth and success is often glorified, especially when it appears to be easily attainable. This can create a cycle, a ‘lighthouse’ of sorts, that…