6 Ways to Cultivate your Self-Awareness.


If you’re highly Self-Aware. You can objectively:

Be curious about who you are

To be self-aware, a person needs to be curious about themselves. Our minds and bodies are territories for which we yet need road maps.

Every person has some roads they do not wish to take, and some roads they feel are worth exploring.

Let your walls down

When we see something we don’t immediately like in ourselves.

Our first reaction could be to defend ourselves from it, which is why self-awareness is so challenging.

Try to let go of judgment and the instinctual urge to protect yourself.

Keep a journal and note what triggers positive feelings

As you are journaling, pay attention to your day.

Ask yourself how you feel.

A track about your roots of negative feelings, and plan to avoid them.

Substitute some screens time with “Reflecting”

Sometimes to observe ourselves:

• we need to walk to nature or

• have a rational thought about ourselves.

Practice Meditation

Meditation increases the ability to perceive the self in a more healthy way.

Regular meditation enables our minds to be aware of our surroundings and our thoughts.

Look in the mirror (Have a small talk)

Looking into the mirror as a meditation tool can increase your self-awareness.

By looking in the mirror you will learn to track your attention and emotions

Gain new insights into how your thoughts are affecting them in real-time


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