10 visuals that will help you to become a better you

2 min readMar 19, 2022
  1. You will be shaped by the obstacle you most wish to avoid.

2. Don’t let your moral compass slip away in the pursuit of short-term success.

3. Learn to be consistent by breaking down your goals into little chunks rather than attempting to complete them all at once.

4. When you write things down, your brain’s information becomes more distinct.

5. We’re flooded in data, but we’re lacking in insight and clarity.

6. One of the most common uses for that tape is to create something innovative.

7. Any skill that is difficult at first becomes easier through time. You should strive for consistency.

8. If you’ve missed out on a previous opportunity, keep an eye out for fresh ones.

9. One learns a tutorial but never uses what they’ve learned, whereas the other uses what they’ve learned.

10. Before you completely deplete your energy, learn to take breaks.